The quotation money would be your next money recorded in a forex group. It’s also referred to because the counter money.

The purchase price of a forex pair reveals how far it costs to get 1 component of this bottom money by selling the quotation money.

In a set recorded as GBP/USD, USD is the quotation currency. Back in EUR/CHF, CHF is the quotation currency. The first money listed is known as the base money; GBP and EUR are the various base monies to the above mentioned examples.

Quote currency example

If GBP/USD are currently at 1.5000, for example, then a British pound is equal in price to $1.5000. In the event the base money (the pound) rises in value or even the quotation currency (dollar) drops, then the number of dollars necessary to get 1 pound increases. In the event the bottom falls in the quotation rises, the opposite effect may occur.

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