SNB Represents Swiss National Bank, the central bank for Switzerland.

Like other central banks, the SNB is accountable for setting fiscal policy. It’s also accountable for the issuing of Swiss franc bank notes.

Unlike a number of different central banks, the SNB can be actually a private firm. Just over 50% of its stocks are held by most public associations, with the others traded on the Swiss stock exchange.

The SNB can also be Known as the Banque Nationale Suisse in French, Schweizerische Nationalbank at German, Banca Naziunala Svizra at Romansh and Banca Nazionale Svizzera in Italian. The Bank’s logo represents all of languages of Switzerland, also English.

The Swiss money meltdown

In ancient 2015, the SNB became international news as it raised its money fixing the Swiss franc’s price compared to the euro. The money peg have been set up for several decades, and also its own release caused major moves in the Swiss franc and other monies.

To observe that the historical and current significance of the euro against the Swiss franc, then look in its graph.